EASEA defined functions

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Random Number Generators



Simulates the toss of a coin. There are two different definitions of the tossCoin function:

  1. A simple toss of a coin.
  2. A biased toss of a coin.

EASEA syntax

bool tossCoin()                // SImple tosscoin
bool tossCoin(float bias)  // Biased tossCoin


if( tossCoin(0.1)){



Generates a random number. There are several definitions to the random function:

  1. Random function with Min Max Boundary
  2. Random function with Max Boundary only

In the case of a Max boundary only, the Min boundary will be 0.

EASEA syntax

int random( int Min, int Max)
int random( int Max)
float random( float Min, float Max)
double random( double Min, double Max)